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this. he's proving that when it comes to good food, borders don't matter. >> reporter: a new restaurant opened last month. the food is being well received. the manager is this man. when this japanese chain is set to open first branch in china, he was the first person they turned to as a businessman. he has been working in the restaurant industry in china for 12 years. currently he manages 70 restaurants in shanghai. he has established himself in china now. getting there has been a long, hard journey. the first time he tried setting up a restaurant there in 2005, he had a restaurant that was vandalized just before it was set to open. another time his employees went on a strike. after last year's anti-japanese protests, he lost many customers. even so, he has managed to overcome every situation. in spite of the chilly relations people in shanghai are becoming very keen on japanese food. he sees massive potential in china's huge market. >> translator: if japan detached itself from china, its economy would falter. that would be bad. and it would be the same for china, too. i don't think the
to agree on comprehensive measures to reduce the u.s. debt by the end of february. if they don't the pentagon's budget will be cut by $45 billion. that's 9 prz. secretary of defense robert hail said what's even worse is the automatic cuts would continue over a decade. >> we are working toward rebalancing toward asia pacific presence there. we will pay attention to long-term press in the asian area, including china. >> senior u.s. officials do not usually use such language when referring to china. >>> japan's prime minister shinzo abe is preparing to offset growing chinese strength in the asia pacific region. he's planning policies to expand china's defense capabilities. other plans to scrap defense guidelines endorsed by the former government in 2010. ministry officials have constructed a budget fiscal plan for 2013. they are looking for rise of about 100 billion yen or about $1.1 billion. leaders expected to use part of the funds to increase surveillance around the songuku islands in the east china sea. chinese government ships have repeatedly entered japanese waters since jap
: but the investigators are standing firm. tanaka says people don't understand all the mysteries of nature. he says he learned that lesson two years ago. >> translator: we lack the minds to humbly face the cause of various accidents. i have been weary of the culture not doubting the safety myth. the accident at fukushima provided a good opportunity to change that. >> reporter: japanese prime minister shinzo abe suggested his government may consider reintroducing more nuclear power and even allowing for the construction of new facilities. >> translator: the government will go over what we have learned about the nuclear accident and check the progress of the nuclear safety technology. i'd like to carefully consider whether new plants can be built. it will take a certain amount of time. >> reporter: tanaka says he and his staff need to work without interference. >> translator: the idea to give certain independence to our organization came from the current leading party, even before taking power. so i believe the government will honor our eindependence. >> reporter: the investigators that looked at the oh
by introducing preventative measures for becoming overweight. the high proportion of americans who don't have health insurance and the number of gun-related crimes are cited. the report calls for an action of gun violence and weapons ban in schools. >>> israel is having unusual heavy snow for this time of year. we are joined from the weather desk with more on that. >> quite a rare sight. residents are experiencing an unusual event. heaviest snow in 20 years has disrupted transportation. schools are closed. about 15 centimeters of snow have fallen. some residents and soldiers seem to be enjoying these rare vents. these are some children having fun sleighing. the soldiers look like they have having fun with the snow. let me show you the snowball fight and all the snow men making are going to be hold on if the rest of the area. precipitation will be likely dissipating. for the next 24 hours it will be clear skies. maybe some drizzles here and there. saturday coming back to the double digits. here in europe we have a system that's potent over the baltics. it's going to be bringing some snow activ
makes you such an aggressive racer and why are you so fast? >> i don't think i'm really fast myself. >> no? >> there are a lot of fast driver on the track. but the fast driver -- i mean, i'm fast, but it's not like special fast. the general things, how we manage the race, how we -- good position at the start. how we make best tire for myself. it's always we need think because without tires, good tires we cannot be fast. without good car we cannot be fast. >> so your tremendous speed is a result of your great teamwork? >> yeah. >> our series "frontrunners 2013" continues thursday. we'll meet a japanese university student who's determined to help young people around the world get a higher education. >>> for decades ethnic minorities from myanmar fled conflict with the former military government to seek refuge in thailand. for many refugee camps are the only home they've ever known. they grew up and went to school in the camps, learning their own ethnic language. but with reconciliation under way in myanmar, educators face a new challenge. how to prepare for the day when the refugees c
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)